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Small portable device used to perform arithmetic.
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Fator de forma
Descicao das carateristicas, e /o tamanho do produto incluido o modelo
Cor da caixa
The colour e.g. red, blue, green, black, white.

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Amount of numerals from 0 to 9, which device can display.
Tipo de armazenamento de media
Type of storage medium, like flash, hard disk drive, etc.
Display tilting
The display can be moved through a vertical plane to point either up or down, so it can be seen from different angles.
Characteristics of the device.

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Sharp EL-501XB (EL501XBWH)

Sharp EL-501XB, Bolso, Scientific calculator, Preto, Branco, LR-1130

Canon LS-123k (9490B001)

Canon LS-123k, PC, Bateria, Basic calculator, Azul, Plástico, Botões

Canon LS-123k (9490B003)

Canon LS-123k, PC, Bateria, Basic calculator, Rosa, Plástico, Botões

Canon P29-D IV (0216B001)

Canon P29-D IV, PC, CA, Printing calculator, Branco, Plástico, Fita de tinta

Canon LS-123k (9490B004)

Canon LS-123k, PC, Bateria, Basic calculator, Laranja, Plástico, Botões

Canon AS1200HB (4599B001)

Canon AS1200HB, PC, Bateria/solar, Basic calculator, Cinzento, Plástico, LR44

Canon AS-2200 (4584B001)

Canon AS-2200, PC, Bateria, Display calculator, Preto, Botões, LR44

Canon MP1211-LTSC (2496B001)

Canon MP1211-LTSC, PC, CA, Printing calculator, Prateado, Plástico, Fita de tinta

Canon HS-1200TCG (2500B004)

Canon HS-1200TCG, PC, Dourado, Cinzento, CR2032, 5,67 x 19,5 mm, 100 x 26 pixels, 170 x 118 x 35 mm

Canon F-789SGA (6467B001)

Canon F-789SGA, Bolso, Bateria/solar, Display calculator, Cinzento, CR2032, 96 x 31 mm

Canon X Mark II (8339B001)

Canon X Mark II, Bolso, Energia solar, Financial calculator, Preto, Alumínio, Plástico, 18,5 x 75 mm

Casio DH-12TER calculadora (DH-12TER)

Casio DH-12TER, PC, Basic calculator, Preto, Botões, Not available, Bateria

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